Photos, Videos and Coverage of the 2012 Feel My Legs I’m a Racer

Photos by Donovan, Wolf Pack Hustle and Area45. Links to more photos below.

Backside of Amethyst in Montecito Heights. Photo by Errin Vasquez

It had started to rain and even though we were riding the usual 10 hills, we were riding up Amethyst St from the backside and it proved to be an entirely different experience.  The road is narrow, filled with potholes and blind corners with steep switchbacks that wind up a seemingly rural mountain. Our group had diminished in size and smiles were infrequent. But as I stood at a switchback filming riders go by I looked out from the hood of my rain jacket and for no reason in particular thought to myself, ‘This is why I put on this ride.’

Eldred St from the top. Some say it's steeper than Fargo...
Photo by @WolfPackHustle

It’s a Los Angeles that most people never see.
It’s a physically and mentally hard journey with little reward.
It’s camaraderie. The fastest cheer on the others from the top of the hill.
It’s simple. Pedal your bicycle up hill. No money exchanges hands, no permits or road closures, just simple bike riding on public streets.

The famed cobblestones of Baxter from Echo Park Ave. Photo by @Donorun

1. 50 points – Jon (Wolfpack)
2. 40 points – Evan
3. 16 points – Ivan
4. 15 points – Jacob (Swarm!)
4. 15 points – Michael (La Grange)
6. 10 points – Chris (Orange 20)
7. 4 point – Mark D.

[update 4-10-12: Points/results now correct]

Jon Budinoff on Thomas. Props to him for winning every hill. Photo by @Donorun

Uyen Nguyen was the only woman to attempt all 10 hills in 2012. And if there was an award for Most Stoked she would definitely get it. Photo by @Donorun

It didn’t rain until hill number 7, but since we did the route backwards [map] this when we were farthest from the start- probably reduced the drop rate.

Everyone who endured until the end, excluding one guy who hadn't made it up yet- sorry man! I felt bad for keeping people in the rain even a minute longer... Photo by me.

Sasha, my partner for the Day in the Life series, made this cool video using our GoPro.

Road Block from Wolf Pack Hustle stopped by to shoot this video of Eldred St.

Thanks so much to everyone who makes this ride possible, from the Swarm! volunteers like Jesse and Molly who rode up every hill and kept score to those who come out and ride. It really makes me happy that so many people find joy in such a unique event! Below are some of my favorite photos and there’s more 2012 coverage from Wolf Pack Hustle, TakeOver LA, Velo Club LaGrange, and photos by Errin Vasquez/Area45  and Donovan Jenkins.  And there’s the history of the previous 6 years.

The rain was really falling by the time we left Eldred St. Photo by @WolfPackHustle

White Knoll to Marview is a classic hill, has been on the FML route since the very first year. Photo by @Donorun.

A 29er and a Rando bike! All bikes are welcome! Photo by @Donorun.

Riding up Boylston from Stadium Way ensures that we get the maximum elevation out of each hill. Photo by @Donorun.

We arrived at Fargo with our crew to the confusion of the LA Wheelman folks. Fortunately they were very cool and cleared the hill for us to race up it. It helped that a Furnace Creek 508 veteran was the one deciding who goes up when! Thanks Picachu! Photo by @Donorun.

Welcome to Eldred Estates. Photo by me.

Vegan waffles with strawberries and cream, potatoes, tofu scramble and coffee warmed us up nicely post-ride. Thanks to Sasha and Luz for organizing the foods! Bad photo by me.


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8 responses to “Photos, Videos and Coverage of the 2012 Feel My Legs I’m a Racer

  1. Tom

    WOW. That was amazing coverage thanks

  2. Jacob

    Michael and I tied for fourth once the points were tallied at the Oxford house

  3. One of the most fulfilling races I have done!

  4. Uyen

    Love the simplicity of the ride…thank you again for organizing the event…less really is more..:)

  5. ChrisSchaper

    Thanks for organizing Matt, and thanks to all the volunteers. The suffering on the last couple of climbs in the rain made it all the more memorable.

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