Is this the definition of irony?

The other day I was riding my cyclocross bike on some great canyon trails here in the city. Nothing is better than riding to the trails, riding dirt, then riding home. It’s great when cities have undeveloped areas to explore.
I was riding along enjoying some fast sections, with perfect conditions. Then the trail was blocked by a 4-lane road. I know building bridges and tunnels costs a lot of money and I don’t mind having to pop onto a road for a minute, but then I came across this fence between the lanes restricting non-crosswalk crossing.
And then to rub it in they put images of cyclists and runners on the fence blocking the access of those very people in favor of automobiles.
The fence forces you to ride against traffic to a stoplight, where you ‘safely’ cross and then ride against traffic on the other side.
All the while those images of cyclists and runners stare at you mockingly.




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6 responses to “Is this the definition of irony?

  1. Sad. Where is this? Minneapolis?

  2. why do i have to give my email?

    dude, its an anti-frogger fence. cut a hole in it!

  3. Bill Meadows

    in a sad way….. thats kinda awesome….

  4. Sam

    Balboa Avenue? Yes, it is the street that tells you that San Diego hates you if you’re riding a bike

    • Yep! Good eye. When running these trails I’ve taken to climbing over the Jersey barrier that divides the road east of this fence. Such a great trail, interrupted by 4 busy lanes of traffic.