When is summer over?

That is the question, my friends. When school starts up again? Labor Day? The Solstice? It’s impossible for me to write anything about ‘this past summer’ just yet, so in my mind it continues, yet I know Fall is upon us. How? Well, teaching started up so I’m now required to be somewhere at least twice a week. Also, like five of the previous six Septembers, I’m preparing for the Furnace Creek 508.

In 2005, I was Crew Chief for Morgan ‘Goat’ Beeby as he shattered the What Is Possible glass ceiling and finished what we thought was an impossible race.

In 2006 I was privileged to be on the 4-person fixed gear team- Bonobo with all of 2005’s crew. We raised money for Bonobo Conservation Initiative and even had a little film made about it by our good friend Sasha (who, btw, is racing this year on a 4-person team!).

In 2007 I flaked and didn’t race, but still wrote about it and even went to the finish. I did a little research project on Brian ‘Emperor Moth’ Davidson since he was completely raw vegan at the time that ended up being a poster at a conference.

In 2008 I raced solo for the first time as Desert Locust and the only posts on my blog for the whole month are about it! It was hard. Very hard. That’s the problem with hanging out with exceptional people: you tend to forget how crazy/hard this stuff can be! I learned though. And apparently didn’t have too hard a time because….

In 2009 I raced solo again as Des[s]ert Locust. It was windy. Like 2.5 hours to ride 17 miles windy. Yeah. But I finished and felt good about it. Good enough that….

In 2010 I’m racing solo again. It’s crazy, I know. Why? Not sure. I’m not in as good of shape as last year, so that’s concerning. I’ll write more about my 508 preparation in the next (gulp) 12 days before the race. I have a 100% rookie crew so I may even post some of my prep stuff as I acclimate them and share the info with a few of the rookies that are on the 4-person Swarm! team Wild Burros.

My goal, which is lofty, but do-able, is to write about the forgotten adventures of summer 2010 before the race. I’ve got the other AdventureCORPS event the Rough Riders Rally, my San Francisco to Los Angeles 3-day bike tour, the Shenandoah 100 mountain bike race and probably some others that at the moment I really did forget! I’ve a queue of a half a dozen drafts in blogger as I write this! Also have a potential guest post on a blog that is much more popular than my own and an announcement about how this blog will be changing in the future. Wow! I may be busier now than in summer. I can’t complain though, can I? Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more adventures with you.

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