Night Riding in the Verdugos

The Verdugo Mountains are so close to urban LA, I cannot believe how infrequently I’ve been. They are a decent sized range that sits just 10 miles from East Hollywood, behind Griffith Park. From a distance they look to be part of the San Gabriels, but they are a distinct range and a valley exists between the two, home to Tujunga and Sunland. I was up here a few months ago on my cross bike and wrote a short post about it. Here is a more detailed description of the area, with photos:

The other night four of us headed out, hitting the trailhead about 9pm. It’s good practice as we’ve been racing at night, but not really riding at night. Which is sort of the Swarm! way. Also true of my swimming…
Halfway through the single-track back down to La Tuna Canyon is a sketchy, hip-high seesaw with missing boards. I love to play on stuff when riding, so really there was no question about trying it. Can I point out that we live in the future? The lights on our bikes are bright enough for Max to film with his phone! Then uploaded to the internet…

Weekend nights in Los Angeles are so exciting!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Matt. I've ridden past that area before but didn't know what was up there. I was thinking that it would be a great place to take the Fargo and do some "Rough Riding". Errin