Dessert Locust, the alter-ego of Desert Locust, which is the alter-ego of….

What are the chances? Chris makes the amazing dessert locust signs for the support van and uses photos from my friend Danielle’s bakery Vegan Treats for my second year racing the Furnace Creek 508 solo. The day before the race a mutual friend of ours returns from a trip to Pennsylvania and brings me a peanut butter cup brownie, one of the desserts on our signs! I’d say unbelievable, but really, when you set out to do fun/silly things, the world responds positively and next thing you know you have a great photo op:

Every Furnace Creek 508 racer gets a pre-race mugshot.

Photographer: You know there is only one ‘s’ in ‘desert’ right?
Me: Uh, yeah. I’m writing dessert.
Photographer: (cocked head, stares puzzlingly)
Me: I’m going to be eating this dessert in the photo as well, if that’s cool.
Photographer: Uhm, okay.

vegan chocolate raspberry blondie bar finish to complete the circle of desserts.

And has anyone mentioned that it was windy? Like 40+ mph and 8 hours to ride 45 miles? Just thought I’d mention that part. I’m going to do a more thorough write-up this year and discuss non-dessert related nutrition, etc. My crew was so so supportive, I can’t thank them enough. Same with the encouragement I received from friends, family, other races through this blog, facebook, etc. This is only a bike race, but having so many people ‘with me’ is incredible and I’m extremely fortunate. Thank you!


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2 responses to “Dessert Locust, the alter-ego of Desert Locust, which is the alter-ego of….

  1. I LOLED.Now, out for a 40 minute run, 1/100th the length of the 508.

  2. Looking at the times, you did the first 200 miles in just over 10 hours. Insane!From time split #4 to #5 seems to be the slowest for all riders. Was that the wind or was the the sleep?