In just over a day I have managed to ride past most of the amazing sites of Paris. Yesterday we rode 20 miles out to where PBP starts and it was an extraordinary site. Reality hits. Like the rain and headwinds. Nonetheless amazing to be amongst the 5000 cyclists from all over the world. Someone told me that I will see riders ahead and behind me for the entire (90 hour) ride. Wow.
Am also reading a book about the May 1968 Student Movement in France (see here for their amazing (mostly) Situationist slogans). It’s great to actually see the places mentioned in the book. Will give me something to think about while I am riding across France and back.

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  1. Have a blast on your ride! I think you’re insane in the best possible way (going from the Norseman to this??? wow!)By the way, what’s the title of the book you’re reading? Is it in English or French?