Oslo to Eidfjord

Yo from a pda getting free wifi. Pretty advanced considering we slept
in a shed behind a school last night.
Oslo was a great city to be the most stationary I've been in 2 months:
4 days. Saw a natural history museum exhibit about gay animals. rode
cityshare bikes to the viking ship and thor hyerdhal museums, a vegan
buffet, a sculpture garden,etc, etc.
Epic train/bus trip to eidfjord yesterday. This is a small town with
1000ft cliffs on 2 sides and a fjord on a third. Unfortunately it is
cold and rainy.
Met some of the race directors tonight, were impressed we slept out;
they were apologetic, but we explained that we didn't care!
Now we are comfortably chillin in the local community center/gym with
kitchen access and even a tv. Very nice indeed. Less than 60 hours to
race time! Definitely getting nervous.


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2 responses to “Oslo to Eidfjord

  1. Updating your blog via pda from a tool shed? You really are a new bohemian. Oslo sounds heavenly–Keep having too much fun. LA

  2. Cityshare bikes? Vegan buffet? Sounds awesome! Enjoy the time before the race.